I want to say thank you to Joyce and the staff for all the hard work everyone put in to train Charlie. He is a completely different dog. Charlie is as stubborn as they come but Joyce is an amazing trainer. She spent so much time working with Charlie. Joyce even came in on her days off to work us after his training was over. I will be recommending Hollywood Dog training school to all my friends and family.

Aaron B. - courtesy of Yelp

My cats have all love going to Kitty City...I have used them for over 25 years with 3 sets of cats and they all love it there..especially being able to play in the community room. If you need a place to board your cats without worry..this is the place.

Alison L. - courtesy of Facebook

After a month here, the only question I had for the owner, Rick, was "is this my dog? And if it is, have you implanted a microchip in her brain?" Without losing one ounce of her joyous personality, Rick and his staff - especially my dog's trainer, Diana - turned her into a perfectly behaved pet, especially around other dogs, on and off the leash.  Every time I went to visit, I saw that my dog was totally joyous and loved being there and she has continued to be so now that she is home.  I cannot recommend them enough.

Jon M. - courtesy of Yelp