I just recently got my dog, Shady, back from her training here and I cannot say enough about how fantastic the entire experience has been. Shady is a pit bull rescue and started showing some aggressive behaviors after having her for a couple of years. Because we were making a transition from NY to LA i felt it was a good time to enroll her in a serious training program. A friend recommended the school and after shady completed her first obedience course with her trainer, Joyce, I was so impressed that I extended her for the off leash training as well. Rick and his staff have been incredible through the whole process and most importantly, shady has left them a much happier and more well adjusted dog. Hollywood Dog School has become her second family and i'm so happy she has a facility that i can continue to bring her to for training sessions (she's an A student, I'm the one who could use the additional training and guidance from Joyce!) as well as a place i feel comfortable boarding her when i am out of town. if I could give them 10 stars I would - they have been a godsend.

Jessica F. - courtesy of Yelp

When a high energy puppy unexpectedly joined our family, we knew that we would need some help fitting him successfully into our life. Not only was he high energy but he was also overly timid and fearful around other dogs and strangers. We knew that obedience training was needed but didn't want to break his spirit or make him more fearful. After checking lots of reviews, we decided upon Hollywood Dog Training School. Jacquie and the rest of the staff took him for six weeks basic obedience, loved him, became his second family, made him more confident and able to control himself and made him proud of everything he had learned. Good manners were fun. When we needed to board him for a few days, he was super excited to go back and see everyone. They all knew him by name. The next year we took him back for advanced off-leash training. Everywhere we go with him, everyone comments on how well behaved he is. He is confident, unafraid, perfect. He is safe and knows exactly what to do. He has every bit of his personality and spirit. I can't rate this school highly enough. They adapt their training to every dog and every family. They have hundreds of success stories. This school does justice to the incredible bond between humans and dogs.

Teresa S. - courtesy of Yelp

I have been negligent about leaving a review so this review is about one year late. I still feel the same way though I LOVE this place. I have been in the animal business for about 30 years now. I had always heard good things about here but never had a need to use them. I needed a place to house my dog while construction was being done at my place. My dog had some behavioral issues and didn't like strangers. She would even bite. I decided to have her trained while she was boarded at Hollywood dog training, the best thing I ever did! I no longer have the anxiety when people come over to visit. Thank you for helping me with Beulah. I didn't think she would be as rehabilitated as she is because I am a professional myself and thought I had gone as far as was possible with her. Boy was I mistaken. I have a much more relaxed dog and home because of you. She loves Joyce who worked with her, I also know If I need a place for her to be boarded again this is the spot. I know I can trust them to do as I ask for her. She has a special diet which they had no problem feeding her. I know because if she eats the wrong diet she gets quite ill.

Lisa B. - courtesy of Yelp