Discounts for Frequent Boarding

Boarding: We offer 30-day (10% off), 60-day (15% off), and 90-day pre-pay packages. Boarding stays do not need to be consecutive and there is no expiration date. Use them any time you board and save big! img_9

Example: The boarding rate for a medium dog is $51. The 30-day pre-pay package ($1,377) drops the daily rate to $45.90.

30 Days - 10% discount - $45.90 = $1,377.00

60 Days - 15% discount - $43.35 = $2,601.00

90 Days - 20% discount - $40.80 = $3,672.00

The above rates are based on a single medium dog. Please call for pricing for cats and multiple animals.


Doggie Daycare

Our regular rate is $25/day. We offer a 10-day pre-pay package for $225, which drops the daily rate to $22.50. If you're boarding your dog, the Doggie Daycare rate is discounted even further, at $20/day.

Exercise (dogs)

Exercise is $11.00 per each 20-minute session. If you have 2 dogs exercising together, the second dog is $5.50 for the session. Dogs may be exercised up to 3x/day.

TLC (cats)

$4.25 per each 10-minute session. Cats may receive up to 3 TLC sessions per day.

Feeding Options

Second feeds (evening) - $2.75 per feeding.

Special feeds (your own food) - $2.75 per feeding.img_11

Medications and Injections

Medications are $2.75 per approach.

Injections are $3.50 per each administration.

Pick Ups and Deliveries

Pick ups and deliveries are $0.67/minute round trip ($20 minimum).

Senior Citizen and Military Discounts

We offer a 5% discount for senior citizens and military personnel/veterans (please bring I.D.).