Cat Boarding

Karl's Kitty City

Now when you go away on vacation, your cat can, too! We are proud to offer a totally modern and luxurious cat boarding facility unparalleled in comfort. We designed and built our cat boarding facility in 1983 at the request of our dog owners who loved their cats too much to board them anywhere but with us!


Karl’s Kitty City is sound proof, climate controlled, and incredibly clean. We offer several sizes of private "kitty cubicles" as well as split-level "condominiums" for cats from the same family who would like to board together.

Cats who are social may spend their days in our cheerful community area. There, they may lounge under the skylight, play on climbing trees or relax on several perches. In addition, we offer an optional T.L.C. (tender, loving care) program of individualized, one-on-one attention by our staff for for your four-legged friend.

Once you visit this unique cat boarding facility you will love it as much as your cat does!

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