Dog and Cat Grooming

Dog and Cat Grooming



Hollywood Dog Training school provides professional, full-service grooming for  both dogs and cats. Our groomer, Manny, has over 12 years of experience and has masterful, creative touch. He, along with his bathers are gentle and love animals. He has a strong and loyal client base who continue to bring generations of pets to him over the years.




  • We use an all-natural, low sodium, no sulfate, no perfume, no soap shampoo.
  • All baths include a nail trim, ear cleaning and a full brush-out (if necessary).
  • Unlike most grooming shops where dogs spend several hours in either a small cage or a crate, we have dog runs so that dogs can stretch their legs, have a place to eliminate, and get a drink of water.
  • Additional grooming services include:
    • Medicated bath for dry, itchy skin
    • Flea baths
    • Anal extraction
  • Prices are based on the size of the dog, and length/condition of coat.