Basic (On-Leash) Training

Our in-board Basic Training course is for dogs 6 months and older. Your dog stays with us for approximately one month, while getting trained one-on-one with one of our experienced trainers.  We say "approximately" because every dog is different and learns at a different pace.  We will teach your dog the following:

  • Basic obedience.
  • Heel - Walk on the left side with a loose leash, without pulling or tugging.
  • Sit - Sit automatically, in the correct spot, facing the correct direction, when the handler stops.
  • Sit-stay - Sit and then stay for a minimum of two minutes with dogs and people walking around and providing distractions.
  • Down - Automatically lay down when the leash is released from the left hand.
  • Down-stay - Stay in the down position for a minimum of four minutes with dogs and people walking around providing distractions.
  • Recall - Upon command, come to you and return to the heel position.

Once your dog has learned all of his/her commands, then you will come to our facility for a demonstration of your dog's full obedience circuit. This is when your baby gets to show off for you! You will also get your first lesson on how to handle your dog with its newly learned obedience.  At the end of the lesson, you will leave your dog with us and schedule an appointment to come back as soon as possible. We want you and your family to get as many lessons as you can over a one week period of time. At the end of each lesson we will be work with you on housebreaking, chewing, digging, and general problem solving.

Once you are comfortable handling your dog, your trainer will deliver him/her home to you and do an in-home lesson. This lesson is not just to show you how to do the obedience again, but to teach you how to apply what you and your dog learned at the kennel. We will go over things such as what to do when you have company over, how to keep your dog out of unwanted rooms, how to safely defrost a chicken on the counter, or any other issues you might have.

Basic Training is guaranteed! That means that just because your dog is back home, training and support does not end. We encourage you to come back to our facility for additional lessons at no additional charge for the lifetime of the dog.canstockphoto22426423-300px


Advanced (Off-Leash) Training

Off-leash dog training is valuable for the dog owner who expects his dog to respond to commands when not on a leash, or at a distance where a leash cannot be used. If you are an active person who would like to take your dog hiking, camping to the beach, and even general family outings, off-leash remote collar training may be what you are looking for. Even if you go to a regulated off-leash park, an occasion might arise when you will require positive control in order to avoid a volatile situation. Sometimes either at home or a park, you may simply want to remind your dog to respond to your command - even in a playful stimulating environment.

Our Advanced Training course requires the completion of a basic on-leash training course. This may be done either in conjunction with the advanced off-leash course or done prior to it. If you have done some training somewhere else, we are happy to assess your dog's skill level to see if we can credit any time toward your dog's course completion.

With electronic off-leash training, you have positive obedience control of your dog at a range of about a third of a mile. Electronic training can be perceived as a long invisible leash. Hollywood Dog Training School, located in the heart of Los Angeles, has been at the forefront of introducing electronic barking cessation training and electronic off-leash training.

For more information about any of our programs or to schedule an appointment to meet with a trainer, please call our office. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your relationship with your dog with dog training.